A New Pullman Profile in the Independent

Philip Pullman: His dark materials – People, News – The Independent

The death and absence of his father has informed so much of the fiction written by this highly acclaimed authorover the years, but he has never known – or wanted to know – the truth about what really happened. Until now… Cole Moreton meets Philip Pullman



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3 responses to “A New Pullman Profile in the Independent

  1. Ericka Stork

    I was uncomfortable with the tone of the article. It seems very intrusive into what can only be Mr. Pullman’s personal business. Not knowing the gentleman writing the article, I goggled his name to find that he has written a book, My Father Was a Hero: The True Story of a Man, a Boy and the Silence Between Them. Perhaps Mr. Moreton is looking through glasses colored by his own relationship with fathers.


  2. Made me uncomfortable too. Interesting to learn that about the writer of the piece. Having just lost a father myself I’m sensitive to what we know of them when they are no longer with us.


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