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Sometimes Children’s Lit Blogger Gets Big Book Deal

Time to turn green with envy, fellow children’s lit bloggers.  HarperCollins has bought a book by Lizzie Skurnick based on her weekly Jezebel column, Fine Lines.  This is their Friday feature,  “… in which we give a sentimental, sometimes-critical, far more wizened look at the children’s and YA books we loved in our youth.”  Skurnick’s columns have been smart and I look forward to seeing what this book turns out to be.  Here’s a bit more information from their announcement:

Publishing behemoth HarperCollins, which, thanks to editor Carrie Feron and agent Kate Lee, will be publishing the book — featuring work that has appeared on Jezebel as well as new content — sometime next summer. And Jezebel readers can help, namely, telling Lizzie what sort of accompanying online content and reader participation opportunities you’d love to see — “book clubs, podcasts, interviews, e-book downloads and cover galleries are things we’re kicking around,” she says — and, of course, title suggestions.



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Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of adbooks, a wonderful YA discussion group created and moderated by middle school English teacher Krista Fiabane. In 1998, having just completed her first year teaching, Krista started adbooks as a way to learn more about the literature for the children she was teaching. Today over 1400 people subscribe and adbooks plays a significant role for many YA enthusiasts.

I came to adbooks at the suggestion of a couple of child_lit friends. I was dubious; after all, I teach 4th grade — what did YA literature have to do with me? Well, I soon learned that adbooks was a vibrant community. We argue, we consider and we learn, we joke and we get a lot out of it.

But it was the JHunt awards that made me a complete adbooks addict. This award/game was started by a couple of adbook members who were frustrated by the limitations of other awards. Using reviews and polls a shortlist is created of around eleven books or so. Then week by week the books are discussed and voted OFF Survivor-style until five remain. There is one final vote FOR the winning book. Let me tell you, it is a lot of fun!

But it isn’t all JHunt.  There are always monthly books under discussion, a July author study, and a lot more. Do check this wonderful list out here!

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