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Fake can Be Good

I’m in Anheim for ALA and was able to convince Nina Lindsay and Roxanne Feldman to got to Disneyland. I wanted to go because the place is so iconic in American culture and I wanted to experience it for myself first hand.

Now I expected it to be a bet tattered at the edge (being the original and oldest of the parks) and that I’d basically experience the whole thing ironically. But neither turned out to be the case. The place was lovely (in a completely fake way, of course) and I had a wholeheartedly and non–ironic blast! Nina had been once as a child and Roxanne had been to EuroDisney so both knew the ropes a bit.

We did Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted House, a steamboat ride, and a Star Wars ride. I was SO impressed with them. They weren’t frayed or tacky or anything. They were really, really, really well done! Things like the changing sky in the former and the ghosts in the latter. (I mean, I remember “Its a Small World” from the 1964 World’s Fair so wasn’t expecting much more than that.) We wandered about; would have done the literary rides like those for Alice, Toad, and Peter, but the waits were too long. On the way out we stopped at a really neat exhibit of the history of the park with models, posters, drawings, and photos documenting it from start. That was fascinating.

Don’t know if I’d go back, but I do understand now better why people love going so much.



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