Catching Up

I got back from ALA around midnight and picked up the pup a few hours later. Hopefully I can catch up over the next few days with posts on ALA (especially all the wonderful meetings with the Newbery winner and honor folks and the amazing banquet) and on the pup herself (who is completely overwhelmed right now). I will say that speeches at the banquet were absolutely extraordinary (and, of course, I’m especially thrilled about Laura’s) and that I can’t believe I have a dog (who, right now, won’t drink eat, or poop — I’m assuming she will give in on all fronts eventually — and, if not, thank goodness we are seeing the vet tomorrow! I never considered a constipated puppy as my first problem).


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4 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Monica, I can’t wait to hear about ALA. But in the meantime– here’s a way to make your puppy feel less confused, or so I’ve been told. Wrap a hot water bottle and a ticking clock (if you have one) in a towel for her to snuggle against. Apparently, this approximates the feeling for her of being with her biological family. (You are now her real mother. But not her bio-Mom.)

    Can we just talk about puppies now instead of books?

    I promise to restrain myself.


  2. Leda,

    Her mother was actually already sold (and the rest of her litter) so it was more a question of all being too strange. However, she ate and drank tonight and I think is settling in. I love watching her bounce around playing fetch. OMG is she cute!


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  4. And her name is???????


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