Visiting Literary Worlds

The conference will not be solely lecture-based, according to Howard. Instead, participants will take take part in a virtual book discussion, and take field trips into literature-based locations that have been created in Second Life. Participants may find themselves in an Edgar Allen Poe poem, visiting a “secret garden” or learning about gothic literature in an authentically spooky Gothic mansion. “They may even fall down a rabbit hole!” notes Howard. The conference will also feature one or more authors who have used virtual worlds to create, refine or promote their works. The day will conclude with a panel discussion including experts from a number of disciplines, and a social event. (From LISNews)

Sounds like a Jasper Fforde novel, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I played around a bit with Second Life and was not that impressed; I found it pricey, a memory hog, and even a bit tedious. So I’m not jumping to do this conference. I think I’ll stick with the old-fashioned way of entering such worlds — via my imagination. However, one of you may feel differently; if so, more information is here.


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