Asimov’s Foundation Series Headed for the Big Screen?

According to New York Mag’s Vulture Blog, yes.  Writes contributor Ehren Gresehover,  “Now we know what you might be saying. Spaceships and ray guns are cooler than elves and hobbits. But trust us. We were clutching our Asimov close to our chest during our formative years, weeping bitter tears into our pillow while we watched the comparatively cooler fantasy nerds get all the girls.”

So what about the girls who also read these books during their formative years?  What are we?  Pimply chopped liver?

But anyway, do check out the post where they compare LOTR to the Foundation series.  Of course the former is high, high, high fantasy while the latter is quintessential science fiction, but I think the Asimov would be a cool film series, myself.



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2 responses to “Asimov’s Foundation Series Headed for the Big Screen?

  1. Lee

    Absolutely right! I was just about weaned on Asimov.


  2. Sorry for chiming in a little late, but I just wanted to say that I’m with you! I was reading Asimov and Clarke and Heinlein and so many others during my formative years, too. Where were you folks when I was in middle school?


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