Polly Horvath’s My One Hundred Adventures

What a lovely book.  I became a Polly Horvath fan years ago with The Trolls and Everything on a Waffle. This new book has a similar Horvathian episodic style, exquisite prose, and her unique dry understated wit. Set in a Massachusetts coastal town,  12 year-old Jane lives with her poet mother and younger siblings on the beach.  In true Horvath fashion, eccentric characters populate the novel as do eccentric experiences — delivering Bibles by balloon, babysitting issues, and other intimate adventures.  There are a number of connecting threads (family, fathers, friendship, and more) moving through the story,  all nicely and satisfyingly resolved for our heroine Jane by the end.

Horvath always has a dry, deadpan humorous style that I’ve always loved.  For example,  in this book, Jane’s poet-mother is evidently doing what she can to find and put food on the table and there is mention of a large bag of rice.  Toward the end of the book Jane, her mother, and a friend are mourning the death of another character:

We don’t feel much like having a barbecue now.  We sit around and eat a little rice.

(And again a few paragraphs later when someone stops by to discuss the funeral.)

“Of course we will be there.  We will all be there,” says my mother and then offers Mrs. Merriweather a little rice, but she cannot stay.  She has other arrangements to make.

A book that lingers long after you are done with it.  Completely charming.


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4 responses to “Polly Horvath’s My One Hundred Adventures

  1. I LOVE Polly Horvath. Didn’t know that she had a new book coming out–thanks for the review. Can’t wait to read it:-)


  2. Robin

    Loved this book and your review (my post is so late because it was on my “to read” pile when I saw your blog review go up, and I wanted to finish before I read your opinion.) Yes, much of it does stay with you after you have finished . . .such powerful prose here, perhaps even more so than her previous novels . . .


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  4. yodogs

    I like Mrs.Horvaths writing too! It is just wonderful! My favorite is everything on a waffel. DOes anyone know hot to email her?


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