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Artifacts of Childhood: 700 Years of Children’s Books

The exhibit, “Artifacts of Childhood: 700 Years of Children’s Book” at the Newberry Library in Chicago looks absolutely wonderful!  In fact, even though I am too far to go see it, I’m certain that it is great because one of the curators is Jenny Schwartzberg who proved her mettle time and again in the fairy tale online grad course I co-taught last summer at Rutgers.  This Sun Times article has a few images from the show to give you a taste.

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‘The Tale of Despereaux’ – Who Did What?

I’m already skittish about what the movie version of one of my favorite books is going to be like.  Last year’s movie version of another beloved book and now this article isn’t exactly relaxing me.

A Battle Erupts Over the Credits for the Animated Feature ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ – NYTimes.com


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What Dorothy Gallagher’s Copy Editor Taught Her

Helene had no literary theories — she had literary values. She valued clarity and transparency. She had nothing against style, if it didn’t distract from the material. Her blue pencil struck at redundancy, at confusion, at authorial vanity, at the wrong and the false word, at the unearned conclusion. She loved good writing, therefore she loved the reader: good writing did not cause the reader to stumble over meaning. By the time Helene was finished with me seven years later, I knew how to read a sentence and how to fix one. I knew what a sentence was supposed to do. I began to write my own sentences; needless to say, the responsibility for them is my own.

Essay – What My Copy Editor Taught Me – NYTimes.com

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