‘The Tale of Despereaux’ – Who Did What?

I’m already skittish about what the movie version of one of my favorite books is going to be like.  Last year’s movie version of another beloved book and now this article isn’t exactly relaxing me.

A Battle Erupts Over the Credits for the Animated Feature ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ – NYTimes.com


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3 responses to “‘The Tale of Despereaux’ – Who Did What?

  1. This one line bothered me: “Mr. Chomet added a character, Boldo the Italian Soup Spirit,” – where is that in the book??


  2. fairrosa

    Ha. Could it be that Mr. Chomet attempt to follow the tried-and-true scheme of their media tycoon peer, Disney, by giving the protagonist a funny little creature of a side kick… (After all, Aladdin has his monkey and Mulan has her mini-dragon… not to mention the mice helpers for Cinderella, the tea cup Chip for Belle, and the crooning lobster for Arielle — NONE of them existed in the original tales.)


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