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Popular (with apologies to Stephen Schwartz)

Your book's gonna be popular!
We cool ones will teach you the proper points,
to relate at joints,
Little ways to show and tell,
We'll show you what to do to win!
How to show your best!
Everything that really counts to be... 

We'll help you be popular!
You'll hang with the right people,
You'll be good on facebook,
Know just what you've got to know.
So let's start,
'Cause you've got an awfully long way to go
('specially since your book isn't even out yet)!

Don't be worried by those Newbery folk,
They'll pay attention, we promise.
Now that we've chosen to become
supporters, fans and cheerleaders for your book,
There's nobody better!
Not when it comes to... 

We know all about popular,
and with an assist from all of us,
you'll be the winner come January,
no more dreary backlist...
there's nothing that can stop you,
from becoming popular... 

we're gonna make you pop-u-lar! 

When we recollect boring winners,
those of the last four years that no one likes,
we remind you just to stay focused on those good ones
from the 90s.
Who is popular now?
Who of the really old ones have elan or appeal?
Andes or Andy?
Don't make me laugh! 

Forget those South American mountains,
That spider was POPULAR!
It's all about popular.
It's not about other stuff,
It's the way you're read,
So it's very shrewd to be,
Very very popular
like your book is sure to be!


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Inkheart Movie News

There’s a new trailer out and a new release date, January 23, 2009.  Hope this one sticks.  I saw the previous trailer (see it below) last December in a theater and was so looking forward to seeing the film in March.  In fact two of my former fourth grade students and I had a date to see it and were fretting about how to do it since it was during our school vacation.  I’ll have to let them know about the new release date.

Interesting how they reworked the trailer. The old one made Andy Serkis as Capricorn a bit comical while the new one doesn’t and seems to give more emphasis to Helen Mirren as Elinor.  Both trailers worked for me; I’m very much looking forward to the movie.

Here’s the old trailer:

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Eeyore’s (the Best Children’s Bookstore Ever) Is Remembered

I well remember the Eeyore’s on Broadway and 79th Street, a a warm and cozy store with absolutely lovely employees.  At the time I was a lowly teacher who loved children’s books (and a lapsed illustrator) with no connections otherwise to the children’s book world.  I just liked visiting the store.  There were often fantastic seasonal paintings on the windows that were done by employee Brian Selznick (who also came to my school to read his first children’s book, The Houdini Box).

Very sadly, the stores both closed and sometime later Nora Ephron honored the Westside one in the film “You’ve Got Mail.”  My good friend Roxanne Feldman (aka fairrosa) worked at the Eastside store (before I knew) her and has clued me in on all the prominent industry folk who worked there.  They have a yearly reunion; this year was the 15th and a lovely tribute is in PW.  Read it to see what all those remarkable Eeeyore’s folks have been doing.  Eeyore’s Alums Look Back – 10/2/2008 – Publishers Weekly


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Scieszka Cleans Up

National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jon Scieszka shocked the nation last weekend when he announced that he was suspending his usual Ambassador work for the weekend to “concentrate on cleaning up the mess in Washington.”

Ambassador Takes Nation’s Capital by Storm – 10/2/2008 – Publishers Weekly

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The best book no kid wants to read.

Here’s another informed and thoughtful response to the Silvey article:

The best book no kid wants to read. – Librarilly Blonde

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