Coraline Movie Websites

The coraline movie website is fabulous and getting more content every day.  Then there is also  this very cool coraline website about the movie.   I’m quite the fan of the book and fussy, but so far this is shaping up to look terrific. (I must also say I’m quite the fan of Coraline director Selick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and can see some similarities in look here.)


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8 responses to “Coraline Movie Websites

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  2. I’m a little puzzled that they made the door very small and Coraline seems to have to shrink in order to get into the Other home. (Do you remember that from the book? I thought everything is the same size, at least, if all slightly off-kilter.) This looks even MORE Alice in Wonderland than the book itself…


  3. I did notice that difference, but didn’t mind it since most was in keeping with the book. And I think the even more Alice-ish stuff is cool, don’t you?


  4. elizabeth gross

    i think the site’s really cute! Cant wait to see the movie. Its seems like it will be slightly different than the book. I heard the movie takes place in Oregon.


  5. jennifer

    password is “stopmotion”


  6. Coraline looks pretty good; it’s amazing how many big name actors they get for these animated flicks


  7. Olivia

    This movie looks absolutely stupendous!!
    I can’t think of a better director than Henry Selick!!

    Coraline, in my opinion, is the cutest thing about the movie. She demonstrates “kid humor” in the film that I find to be adorable.

    Kids can also relate to Coraline because she has inattentive parents.

    In conclusion, “Coraline” can relate to everyone in some sort of way. Hopefully everyone will be able to discover it when they see the movie February 6, 2009!!


  8. set pieces are being auctioned off on ebay!
    here are the item numbers. The total price of the sale goes to charity!!


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