Duck, Pigeon, Attolia for President?

Leda Schubert started a terrific thread on child_lit. After seeing a “Pigeon in 2008,” button she began   “…wondering which character from a children’s book– picture book up to YA–I would really vote for.”  Among others, Tracy Barrett suggested Harold (of the Purple Crayon), Roger Sutton suggested Janie Gibbs, fairrosa suggested “Cimorene and Morwen from the Enchanted Forest series”, Farah Mendlesohn suggested Snoopy, and I suggested the King and Queen of Attolia.  So for those not on child_lit, who do you nominate?


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5 responses to “Duck, Pigeon, Attolia for President?

  1. I’d be inclined to say Kiki Strike. She’d keep things interesting.


  2. Hey, Monica. As I just posted on child_lit:

    Miss Viola Swamp. A tough teacher for tough times.

    I can just see the bumper sticker.


  3. sdn

    i think NOT eloise.


  4. hope

    But NANNY could do it!


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