Our Children’s Future


Yesterday one of my fourth graders (in the green jacket above) was absent, off with his family getting out the vote in Pennsylvania.  When I mentioned that yesterday morning, several other children said they too had been in Pennsylvania several times, going door to door, campaigning for our now president-elect.  Today my class is abubble with the results.Many were wakened by their parents to hear Obama’s speech  All sorts of discussion about where the Obama girls (one is their age) will go to school and how they must feel leaving their friends for the White House.  Mostly there is happiness and pride. Beyond my own multifaceted pleasure at Obama’s win, I am incredibly happy for them.  These children cared. So deeply and passionately. And their optimism and enthusiasm has been rewarded.


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6 responses to “Our Children’s Future

  1. Great for them to see results. Also very heartening that children as young as that have got involved, even if it’s through parents/adults.


  2. Monica, when I picked my 11-year-old daughter up from her theatre class last night the kids spilled out the door, all talking about Obama and the election. Keep in mind we’re in Canada! I thought it was wonderful that your nation’s enthusiasm for change had reached kids of that age and it makes me hopeful for their future as voters.


  3. Virginia Walter

    My 9-year-old granddaughter campaigned for Obama in Minneapolis. She helped her mother register voters and made her special Blondies for the volunteers as the Obama office. Her campaign button said, “If I were 18, I’d vote for Obama.” Yes, we can.


  4. Vycki

    Hi Monica,

    I am co-teaching with a Special Ed prof who is doing an after-school campus in math for students with special needs. I’m doing the language arts portion. After her lesson on graphing, a couple of students did their graph on who people wanted to be president. Obama had the most votes. I decided to follow up with that, and read Nikki Grimes & Brian Collier’s Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Son of Hope. Listening to these children, especially boys, grades 1-5 respond to this book had me in tears, and this was before election day. I was in awe! Hope is such a power!

    Vycki in the Dee


  5. Michael and Josephine Giacchino

    We are so proud of all the children who have gotten involved in this election. A democracy only works if there is an educated electorate. Engaging students at this age in the democratic process bodes well for the future of our country. Thank you for including a picture of our grandson, Sam.


  6. Tracy

    I am so proud of my former student. He is a special little boy. The third grade children also helped get out the vote with their families by traveling to Pennsylvania. One child even helped at a phone bank! These are exciting times. My own son, who is 4, felt so much energy from the watching Barack speak! He was thrilled when we told him that Obama won!

    I also find it interesting times for children who are living in families that are not Obama supporters. I have heard from these students that it is quite hard to get on in the school and that unkind words have been spoken. I pause. As someone who has felt alienated from the rest of the nation for 8 years, I feel an sympathy for the students and families. As someone who believes with all of my heart that our country’s future now has a fighting chance in an Obama presidency, I cannot help but feel overjoyed with his election. In my classroom, I have been reinforcing the need to be tolerant of dissenting opinions, to think critically and to ask questions.

    It is wonderful and strange to all of a sudden be connected with a great mass of people who also believe in the hopeful future of this country. It is a great time for our children to be alive!


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