Patrick Arrasmith’s Scratchings

Last week I went to one of my favorite events, HarperCollins’ Greenwillow Original Art Party.  At this annual (or perhaps it is bi-annual) event you get to walk around the HarperCollins’ conference room (with quotes from Charlotte’s Web scrolling along the walls) and see ALL the art for many (perhaps all, I’m not sure) forthcoming and new picture books from the imprint.  The art is on the walls and on the tables, sometimes in piles.  It is really extraordinary and I’m very grateful to be invited every time.  There are always a few surprise guests and this time one of these was Patrick Arrasmith, illustrator of Joseph Delaney’s “The Last Apprentice” series.  Fortunately, Ron from Galleycat was also there and shot this video interview with Patrick.


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  1. Really interesting interview. Thanks for posting it.


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