In With the Old, Out With the New, Or Vice Versa

Joseph Bottum offers a very opinionated view of children’s books in “Children’s Books Lost and Found.” (Via Neil Gaiman and Lessons from the Tortoise.)


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3 responses to “In With the Old, Out With the New, Or Vice Versa

  1. I blogged this one, too, after seeing it on Neil Gaiman’s blog. I think he may be right overall about the times and the way good writing can beget more, though I disagree with some of his specific judgments.


  2. I saw it at Neil’s this AM and knew I’d seen some ttning else about it somewhere. Now I know where — your blog! I need to comment further on it when I have more time.


  3. megan

    It isn’t his specific judgements that trouble me, although I agree with some and disagree with others. It’s his overwhelming sense of self-importance. Like God, he approves of this book and disposes of that one. A chacun son gout–I might think so, but Joseph Bottum clearly doesn’t.


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