There are thousands of books published for kids and teens every year. A list of 1-5 books is the only one teachers and parents are relying on? And because of that, the award is at fault when not every single child wants to read that year’s winners? Just based on the fact that the Newbery is given to any book for 8-14 year olds should tell you that it’s not a list to be arbitrarily used! If you yourself have not read the book, how do you know if it is appropriate for your child or students? Sorry Lucy [Calkins], but there are plenty of amazing book lists out there that can help parents and teachers find great books. The Newbery winners are not the be-all-end-all, and they are certainly not the reason for the decline in reading for enjoyment by kids! The Newbery is awarded to the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature in a given year. This does not mean the list of Newbery Medal and Honor books is a go-to list for that parents and teachers must use when assigning or suggesting books to children!

A sixth grade teacher makes sense at Newbery Controversy Part…..Oh, I give up! « The Reading Zone


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