Let’s Jump on Fairy Tales!

Bored with Newbery Bashing?  Well, here’s another easy target…Snow White, Red Ridinghood, and the rest are —gasp—problematic for some.  Evidently the Baby Website did one of those oh-so-systematic-and-trustworthy-polls and has provided the results in “Are Fairy Tales Too Scary for Today’s Children?


I think I’ll go back to the award wars.


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4 responses to “Let’s Jump on Fairy Tales!

  1. Wendy

    So, I question how much these stories were ever really used as “bedtime stories”, but that’s beside the point. The point is, HOW DARE THEY choose The Very Hungry Caterpillar instead? Wait, no.

    Seriously, this does tie in interestingly with Newbery and Caldecott discussions for me, because one of the so-frequent complaints is about some content being inappropriate for children because it’s too sad or scary; it certainly comes up a lot when people talk about The Underneath. There’s a review on Goodreads of the picture book “How I Learned Geography” where the reader says she had to change words about war and poverty (which are brief and non-graphic) because they were inappropriate for her young son. People seem to think all this sad stuff for kids is a “modern” thing, but many of the early Newbery books contain incidents of violence, danger, sometimes death.

    If The Underneath wins or gets an Honor, we’re really going to hear from people, I think. And then there’s The Hunger Games–I think it’s really interesting that so many people immediately point and yell “YA!” because of the subject matter, without, as far as I can tell, noting the way the book is actually written. That would make an AWESOME headline for a mainstream newspaper the day after the announcement… “Child Killer Book Nabs Top Award for Children’s Literature”.


  2. To quote Betsy’s comment about the awards wars: “Yawn.” I think the same can be said on the fairy tale fight: yawn, indeed. Been there, done THAT.


  3. I just love that on the list of Fairy Tales We Don’t Read you can see the inclusion of that awesomely violent “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Oh, the humanity!

    To say nothing of the irony of people not reading that story anymore . . . .


  4. Brooke

    What? And those parents are reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar even though it obviously encourages yo-yo dieting? Oh, the humanity!


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