The Issue of Truth in Fiction

What is truth in fiction? Is it that the facts that fiction presents happened, or at least could have happened? But what if fiction does not claim to present facts? What if the story is clearly a fairytale, a satire, a comedy, which by definition does not limit itself to what happened or could have happened?

German author, Bernard Schlink asks, “Are authors allowed to craft fairytales, satires or comedies about anything? Even about the Holocaust?” in a very thoughtful essay, “Guaranteeing truth, and avoiding it “ from a collection Guilt About the Past just published in Australia.

via Judith Ridge on child_lit.

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  1. Thank you, Monica, for posting this. I have been so fascinated by the discussions on child_lit as of late with regards to these issues. This adds a great deal to my thinking about reviewing works that touch on horrible events in history.


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