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Neil Gaiman On Ambiguity, Musicals, and Other Stuff

Those following Neil Gaiman on twitter will know that he is doing interviews 24/7.   Posting from his bath, he writes  that “The biggest problem with being over-interviewed, and exhausted, and testy, and very, very tired, is you get much too honest.”  Well, I’ll take his honesty any day!  I found the following two interviews particularly insightful.

One is John Constantine’s over at The Daily Beast. Some wonderful extremely non-PG moments, say the answer he gives to this question (and you will have to go to the interview to read it):

Both The Graveyard Book and Coraline are both very dark but nowhere near as sinister as your early fiction was.

And no doubt better fans than I knew this already:

What’s the one medium where you haven’t told a story yet?

I’d like to write an original musical. If you get them right, they plug straight into the emotions in a way that reminds me a lot of comics. The musical isn’t a gutter medium. Stephen Sondheim’s been working in it for 50 years.

Then there’s Jeffery Brown’s interview at Art Beat.  One small point toward the end gave me a bit of a giggle; it will be rectified soon (and was initiated pre-Newbery).

And here’s a bit of coolness — Neil blogs about my good friend Judith Ridge’s blog, misrule!  Way to go, Judith!

Judith at Misrule.com.au tried to keep track of the various interviews and failed, but has a really good list of useful and important stuff anyway. (The whole blog has excellent thoughts of children’s fiction, particularly from an Australian perspective, where the Australian press sometimes has a strange habit of always being about 15 years behind everyone else when it comes to realising that things like children’s books, graphic novels or genre fiction might actually have some validity or even readers.)

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