Newbery, Please!

Stepehn Colbert wants one.  He made his demand last night after literally applauding “Newbery” for giving the award to a book in which, “…an 18-month-old escapes the murder of his family by stumbling ahead of an assassin into an old graveyard.” (From this new article.)  Envy exuding from every pore, he then offered a children’s book title of his own, unprintable here.  Editors,  are you listening?  Snap him up!

What a difference from two years ago when there was such a hue and cry about that poor dog’s scrotum.  Sigh.


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6 responses to “Newbery, Please!

  1. hope

    I think that I am going to love The Graveyard Book as much as anybody, but now that you’ve put it this way, I am irritated that violence doesn’t raise eyebrows the way the violation of silly sexual taboos does.


  2. It really isn’t a violent book, you will see. I’m guessing it got picked up by Colbert because of Gaiman. I mean, if they’d have done this bit even with a nonentity, good for them, I say! But I sort of doubt it.


  3. hope

    Yeah, but neither was “scrotum” a very sexy word. The issue just highlights the streak of “puritan” that is still with us. It’s like weirdly inheriting my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s nose. Odd.


  4. EM

    Snort – very funny. I was also amused that the accompanying graphic shows an Honor sticker, not a Medal.


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