Those who have visited my home have seen a small gallery of family photos as they come in.  Two are of my father and me at the same age, both with the same curly locks.  I always felt sorry for my dad, looking so girly just because his mother couldn’t bear to cut his hair.  But I have to admit that I was incredibly reluctant to clip my poodle pup.  I loved her long, fluffy hair, but she sure hated my daily brushing and combing.  The older she got and the more she played, the more matted she seemed to get.  And since she could care less what she looks like and sure hates the brushing and combing and pulling, yesterday she was clipped.  Before she looked like some small dog with loads of hair, but now she looks very poodly.



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  1. Wow! Since holding her in the crook of my arm last summer, not only does she look very “poodly,” she looks very grown-upish.


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