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deffin…no, definn..no defin…it’s (or is it its?) hopeless.

Results from a Spelling Society survey reveal that we are a society that can’t spell. But is our ‘irregular’ spelling system holding us back? Whether you’re one of the 25% of adults who reckons they have a ‘problem’ with spelling, or the 66% who spurns the use of a spell-checker, try our fiendish test to find out whether your spelling is a recommendation, or just an embarrassment. And just to make it more difficult for US readers – who performed less well in the Spelling Society survey – UK spelling rules apply.

Quiz: How’s your spelling? | Books | guardian.co.uk


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Here You Are

Even though you spelled it “Newberry” and gave the silver to Gaiman instead of the gold, I’m feeling sorry for you after last night.  So, per your request, a consolation prize.


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