New York Times’ Review of The Graveyard Book by…


Children’s Books – ‘The Graveyard Book,’ Written by Neil Gaiman. Illustrated by Dave McKean – Review –


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19 responses to “New York Times’ Review of The Graveyard Book by…

  1. what a great review, Monica! Congratulations!


  2. Thank you very much, Monica. Not sure what else to say. Just thank you.


    • R.W.

      I have a book report to do and I read your book for it. I need to type a apge for it ,and I dont know what the theme would be. Can you help me out?


  3. I began reading it without looking at the byline and thought “hey this sounds like….is it…..IT IS.”

    I’m not sure what I’m more psyched about, the review in the NYT or that it’s YOUR review!


  4. Monica,

    Nice job! Congratulations. I notice your review was read by an award winning author!



  5. Sharon Lawler

    Great review! I always enjoy hearing about the interactions between your class and the literature you present to them. I can’t wait to read the book!


  6. Congratulations, Monica! What a thrill and what a great review!


  7. Lee

    A lovely review which makes me want to read it, and I’m not even a Gaiman fan!


  8. Great review, and congrats on appearing in the Times! I have to – not disagree, since I agree completely – but pipe up and say that I think The Graveyard Book is equally “for” grownups as for children. The novel’s conclusion seems to me to have real resonance for both children and adults (and maybe especially for teenagers?) – the themes of growing up, moving on, facing the big world: those really are universals, no?

    I’m glad your 4th graders were fine with the first chapter; *I* found it absolutely blood-curdling. I shouldn’t be surprised that nine-year-olds are tougher than I am.


  9. Dear Monica,
    Not only a tour de force of reviewing – a small number of words, packed with meaning, analysis, and elegance – but in the NYTimes and appreciated by the author. Brava, brava, brava!


  10. Sara

    An elegant, engaging written review of an elegant, engaging book! Unsurprising, considering the source! And in response to Kerry, I just want to point out that Monica said specifically in the article that it “will entertain people of all ages.” I think her point – a hugely important one considering the post-Silvey discussions about the Newbery – is that it IS for children and NOT just something that pleases adults, or the Newbery committee, or both. I didn’t get any sense that Monica didn’t think it was for grownups or teenagers – and here I completely agree with Kerry, I could see reading this to or with kids of all ages, and I think it’d be particularly great for reluctant readers in middle school and high school – but rather that she was directing addressing the recent worries about whether this recipient of the Newbery as the most “distinguished contribution to children’s literature,” is, in fact, interesting to children. Which is is, tra-la!


  11. EJ

    Excellent review Monica-and in the NYT!! I plan on sharing your review with my students as I shared the project your students did. I’ve enjoyed “knowing” you long distance for quite some time now – you’ve been a role model for many in- and pre-service teachers.


  12. westword

    Congratulations, my friend! It is, as GraceAnne says, a remarkable review given the brief and the brevity. You said everything that needed to be said and more. Cheers from down under.


  13. Thanks, everyone! As you can imagine, it was pure pleasure for me to review this book. My first for the Times, but hopefully not my last.


  14. Fantastic review — made me even more eager to read this!


  15. Ebony

    Congrats, Monica! I hope this is the first review of many more to come!


  16. Laura Goering

    An excellent review. I loved Coraline and am looking forward to reading this one. And thanks for posting the link on child_lit that led me here!


  17. Wonderful review, Monica, and congrats on writing it, too. It is fun following your fandom of this book!


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