He is the very model of a modern major celebrity.

Neil Gaiman is the perfect gentleman celebrity. How he does it, how he can stand it, I don’t know, but he is truly caring and considerate of his fans.  For example, yesterday I decided to go to the book launch for Blueberry Girl.  Because there was a possibility of being introduced to Neil (by his editor with whom I’d been in touch) as I traveled down my congenital shyness started kicking in, but by the time I got to the bookstore and saw the crowd I figured it was pretty unlikely.  And so I sat for a while with agent Barry Goldblatt watching the multitudes arrive and be directed to one line or another.  Just as I was considering leaving, I met his editor and ended up seeing the presentation which was lovely — Neil giving the history of the book and reading the story, Charles doing a slide presentation about his illustrations, and even a brief Q & A . I had to leave, but he evidently signed for hours and hours and hours and hours. Not only that, he learned of a personal loss in the morning*, yet went on to do the event so as not to disappoint the fans.   What a courtly and kind man he is.

*edited to add: It was his father. Having lost mine last year I can only feel profound sympathy and even more awe that Neil did what he did yesterday.


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4 responses to “He is the very model of a modern major celebrity.

  1. Don’t be scared of meeting Neil. He couldn’t be lovelier, as you well know.


  2. When I got him to sign books at a conference in Mpls a whlie back he was so kind–I asked him if his books were too scary for my 10-year-old and he really took the time to work through it with me a bit. No one minds standing in a long line when they all know they’ll get that kind of attention. I treasure the books he signed and the comments he made.


  3. I also saw his blog posts & tweets and was amazed by his classiness. So glad he’s getting even more, rightly deserved, recognition. Guess nice guys finish first, huh?

    P.S. I’m also jealous you got to see him!


  4. I know I’m a bit late, but between this post and the one up top-wards about “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” I had to chime in with equal praise for Daniel Handler. Last spring, we hosted him at the Cincinnati Public Library. I was working that evening, but I was able to sneak over every now and then to see him speak, etc. He began speaking at 7ish, finished at 7:45ish, and then began signing books.

    We close at nine in the evenings, but he just kept on signing for as long as security would let him.

    I was the very last person to have my book signed, since after my shift in the Children’s Center, I went over to work crowd control. I believe my book was signed at about midnight.

    Not only did he stay around to sign everything, he struck up conversation with every child and adult that walked up to the table. It was a great experience– I’m sure Neil Gaiman is right up there in terms of class and generosity.


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