Discworld on the Tube

Well, my dinosaur television is still the tube sort.  But I digress. This post is about the movie version of Terry Pratchett‘s The Colour of Magic. This was my very first reading encounter with Pratchett and far from my last. I remember asking on child_lit which to start with and finally decided to go with this one, the very first Discworld novel.  I continue to have tremendous fondness for the bumbling wizard Rincewind who looked a bit longer in the tooth than I expected on the telly last night.  However, an hour in (I DVR’d it), I have to say — so far so good.  I’m especially liking Luggage.  Checked the reviews and see two, count ’em, two on Rotten Tomatoes — one fresh and one rotten. The latter NOT by a Discworld fan.


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2 responses to “Discworld on the Tube

  1. We are watching it, too, recorded on DVR, and are falling for its affable charms. I read the books decades ago. Sean Astin inhabits Twoflower gloriously.


  2. Caroline Parr

    I have just finished listening to this on audio (read by Planer, not Briggs, but it was great) and am so happy to hear it’s a film, too. Wish I had known it was on TV but have added it to my Netflix – release date unknown but one can hope. Thanks!


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