Bo, the National Mascot Now?

The opportunity to work on a book about the White House’s mascot, is the ultimate for us,” said Aryal. “Young readers will love the playful story line, the beautiful illustrations by celebrated artist Danny Moore, and they’ll learn interesting White House facts and traditions along the way.”

Aryal said the book has been in the works for several weeks, and when Bo’s identity became known, they put the finishing touches on the story.

Herndon, Virginia publisher Mascot Books is behind the book. They’re responsible for publishing more than 150 other children’s books that feature mascots for well-known colleges, sports teams and elementary schools.

Bo, America’s Commander in Leash will be released on April 23, and will be available for $14.95 in stores or online at

Kids’ Book Features Obamas’ New Dog


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  1. It is absolutely amazing how quickly a book can be published on a timely subject such as the president’s new dog. But then again, I know dogs are so important to people. My family recently lost our boxer, and I’ve been blogging about it and recommending a book about what happens to dogs when they die on my blog, “Read These Books and Use Them!” Anyway, thanks for the information on your blog. You’ve got a lot of great posts here.

    Margo Dill


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