Battle of the (Kids’) Books Round One Is OVER!

As one of the folks running SLJ’s Battle of the (Kids’) Books, I have to say I am very happy with it so far.  The judges have been magnificent.  Our idea was for this to be fun, for people to look at these books freshly and it is clear from the comments that many are doing so.  While some wondered at the idea of even attempting to compare two very different books, I am delighted at how each of our first round judges found ways to do just that in thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent, and respectful ways.  Each came up with his or her own criteria, wrestling mightily with this difficult task, but prevailing in every case.  Surprises have been the norm for many different reasons and  I hope that the BoB’s spectators consider each book anew and perhaps take up a book they hadn’t previously planned to read.   Mashing up books this way got some fascinating issues out to be considered.  Fantastic food for thought.  And now on to Round Two!

  • This Monday Tim Wynne-Jones will decide between Octavian Nothing Vol. II and The Trouble Begins at 8.
  • On Tuesday Coe Booth will decide between Chains and Tender Morsels.
  • On Wednesday John Green will decide between We Are the Ship and The Hunger Games.
  • On Thursday Nancy Werlin will decide between Graceling and The Lincolns.

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One response to “Battle of the (Kids’) Books Round One Is OVER!

  1. betty tisel

    prediction: octavian, octavia (oops, I mean Chains), Hunger Games and Graceling…. not necessarily what I would choose… I don’t envy JOhn Green — that will be the most interesting one to read about!!


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