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And the BoB Rages On!

We are on to Round 2 in SLJ’s Battle of the (Kids’) Books. Yesterday after Match 2 I was able to briefly catch up with the two opponents of that competition.

EA: Congratulations, Chains.  You are off to Round 3 now!

C: I’m so excited!  Tender was a fantastic opponent, I’ll say that.  We are pretty different, but managed to fight it out fairly, I’d say.  My great thanks to Judge Booth for deciding for me.   I’m a bit nervous about going up against that BIG BOOK next week, but I’m in good shape and he may be surprised!

EA:  It is going to be quite a match, I grant you that. Can’t wait to see it.  I mean, you both are set in the same time period, but are otherwise so very different!  Now Tender Morsels hope you aren’t feeling too tender after your defeat.

TM: It was tough.  Chains was a worthy contender though.  I’m not happy, understandably (and Margo is disappointed too as is only to be expected). But it is all in good fun, after all.  A few nicks — nothing more.

EA:  Go for a lovely long bath and a massage — both of you!  And thank you so much for taking time to talk to me.  Hope you and everyone else check out today’s match — another intense one between two remarkable books!


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