When You Reach Me ARC Give-Away Contest

I’ll get to the contest in a second, but first a couple of related things.

I’ve not been shy about expressing my enthusiasm for Rebecca Stead’s forthcoming middle-grade novel, When You Reach Me, and so was delighted to see it garner two starred reviews (Kirkus and Horn Book) although it doesn’t publish till July.  Yesterday the book’s editor Wendy Lamb and Random House marketing queens Adrienne Waintraub and Lisa Nadel came to my school, first to meet some of our students (great fans of the book as well) and then to join our staff book club meeting (about the book).  It was great fun; the kids were impressive and my colleagues were blunt. Some liked the book and some didn’t and they had no problem letting our guests know just what and why.  Lots of talk about the title (and some others that were considered), the cover, A Wrinkle in Time, New York in the 70s, age-range, and more.  Wine, cheese, and a terrific time overall.  My great thanks to Wendy, Adrienne, and Lisa for coming!

Now about the contest.  Adrienne sent a big box of ARCs, more than we needed.  I was going to give them back to her because they had run out of ARCs and people were banging down their door for them. However, they’ve done another printing and the ARCs are mine to give away!  (This book is truly a Cinderella story. They had no idea the book was going to garner so much interest and so the first ARC printing simply wasn’t enough. I wonder how often there are second printings for ARCs?) So, using the contact form above, tell me briefly (tweet-size 140 characters or less) why you want the ARC and be sure to include your full name and mailing address. My committee (my class) and I will select as many as we have ARCs and I will mail them off as quickly as I can.

Good Luck!



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8 responses to “When You Reach Me ARC Give-Away Contest

  1. This is the topic that i searched


  2. Joyce Lansky

    I have a great library for my classroom. I like to read books and recommend them to kids. Will this one be AR?


  3. elissa

    Glad to get to hear more about the book discussion yesterday! Sounds like a lot of fun!


  4. Sounds like an interesting and worthy book, but I wouldn’t call it a “Cinderella story,” even if its reception surprised its editor and marketing people. A Cinderella story would be a title from a press so small that it didn’t even get ARCs, from an author whose career was effectively dead or hanging by a thread until the book got its due. Something like Ben Saenz’s Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood. Cinderellas don’t come attended by marketing queens, though a fairy godmother certainly helps.


  5. Megan

    The description of this book looks fascinating! I’m about to start a new job as a middle school librarian, and this looks like one I’d like to recommend to my students–mysterious and cool!


  6. Rebecca Cowley

    I’m a recently laid off children’s librarian being forced out of New York City for a new job – I’d love to read this book because I just know already how much I’m going to miss Queens, Manhattan, & Brooklyn! Rebecca!


  7. Katharine Wright

    Thank you so much, Monica and your editorial assistants, for sending me the book! I absolutely loved it and I’m looking forward, now, to reading your own bloggings about it. I was fascinated from beginning to end and I so appreciate being given this chance to read When You Reach Me.
    Thank you!!!


  8. Tom McQueen

    For our amazing daughter. Who absolutely adores reading and is so lucky during this summer holiday to get to read so much. She is going to a service learning camp for two weeks and I would love to send this book as part of a care package!
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Tom, Kenlyn and Maya ( age 10 ) McQueen


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