ARC Contest is Over

At this point we have over fifty entries and and seventeen ARCs.  So my committee (my class of fourth graders, remember?) and I have made our decisions.  We had a lot of fun reading all the entries and making our decisions. I’m sending the ARCs out today so you will know within the week whether you are a winner or not.    Thanks to everyone for playing!


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2 responses to “ARC Contest is Over

  1. My arc arrived on Friday, at a moment of perfect timing to uplift the upcoming final week of our classes. Thank you so much to the committee. Please let them know I look forward to sharing this with all my middle school students next year.

    Telling my students that a group of students in NYC shared with them is going to be a lovely introduction to Rebecca Stead’s work.

    Plus, I promise to write a review for CompuServe Books, where we have a large community of YA/children’s writers and readers.


  2. Monica, you have made me so happy. I have gone in an excessive amount of detail decribing my reaction to recieving one of the coveted prizes.


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