Docteur Seuss, Zombies, and More


From the NYTimes Paper Cuts Blog, “Je ne Les Aime Pas, Sam-C’est Moi”, I’ve learned that Ulysses Press has two Dr. Seuss classics available in French.  Fun that, but even moreso is seeing what else is on their catalog page for juveniles.  Say The Zombie Handbook which, among other things, “… combs through every zombie-ological subject, from feeding habits to favorite sexual positions…”  There’s also What Will Happen in Eragon IV, and  The Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary Builder (“Learn the 3,000 Hardest Words from All Seven Books and Enjoy the Series More“).



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3 responses to “Docteur Seuss, Zombies, and More

  1. Monica, all of the links on this post are broken excepting the one from Paper Cuts. Or at least they aren’t working for me.


  2. Sorry, Brooke. I think I’ve got them fixed now.


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