Coming Soon: Katherine Sturtevant’s The Brothers Story

brothers story_jkt_DES9

Katherine Sturtevant’s A True and Faithful Narrative was one of  my favorite books of 2006 so I am delighted to see that The Brothers Story is coming out this fall.  Here’s the description from her website.

The Brothers Story is set in the Great Frost of 1683-84, and tells the story of twin teenaged boys, Kit and Christy, who have grown up in poverty in their Essex village. Because Christy has been “simple” from birth, Kit has literally been his brother’s keeper. But the hardships that come to their Essex village with the frost bring Kit to frustration and despair. He abandons Christy and makes his way to London, seeking to better himself. There he finds much to take his mind from thoughts of all he has left behind: a master who paints pictures, a sharp-tongued serving maid, and a frost fair upon the frozen Thames. When the time comes that he can no longer evade the problem of his brother, Kit must make a choice between returning to poverty-stricken village life or seizing a lucky chance to advance himself–unless he can find a third way. The novel includes much authentic detail, including a frank portrayal of teen sexuality during this period.


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6 responses to “Coming Soon: Katherine Sturtevant’s The Brothers Story

  1. Thank you for the heads up on this! I too adored True and Faithful Narrative and this one sounds amazing. I will add it to my wish list!


  2. hope

    I loved A True and Faithful Narrative. It pains me to say that it looks like a terrible cover on Brothers Story. Wailey, Wailey, Wailey, can’t they do better by Sturtevant than that?


  3. Can’t say I’m wild about the cover either, I must admit.


  4. betty t

    thanks Monica, for another awesome headzup!!!! I love hearing about good things coming down the pike….


  5. Thanks – I’ll have to keep an eye out for this one!


  6. Check out the new and improved cover!


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