The Does and Don’ts of Conventioneering, ALA Edition

***Warning — this is a very self-indulgent post with lots of me in it.***

Do bring a wrap for the chilly convention center.
Don’t walk by a Payless while already in the convention city, think that perhaps 3 inch heels would indeed be more elegant for the Newbery Banquet than the cute little patent leather flats in suitcase, go in and try on $20 pair, buy them and then hobble about the night of the Banquet.
Do enjoy wonderful books personally signed by lovely authors at dinners.
Don’t get sucked into the “There’s an ARC, I better take it” situation and then have your shoulder sag and sag and sag as you take more and more and more.  (If you do, be sure to mail them though.)

Do network and have fun seeing old friends.

Random House gave Florence Parry Heide a lovely 90th Birthday Party.
Heide51SCVSNMZFL._SL500_AA240_I adore the above book as evidently does Lane Smith, another old friend, who has illustrated Florence’s latest book. (We first met many, many, many years ago when a student of mine took me along while she interviewed him — her mother knew his wife from college — in his incredibly cool NYC studio.)
51HgBMLbToL._SL500_AA240_Don’t even attempt to get a book signed by Neil Gaiman the day after he gives his Newbery speech. (This line is OUTSIDE the exhibits.  It was segmented and HarperCollins folk –editors included — were doing a fantastic job managing something that took many hours.  I wonder if anyone has done a signing at ALA quite like it.)

Do get prettied up for the Newbery Caldecott Wilder Banquet as did these lovely ladies I’m standing with: Patty Rosati, marketing wiz at HarperCollins and Jennifer Hubert Swan of Reading Rants).
Don’t overlook fathers and sons like Walter Dean Myers and Chris Myers.  Their forthcoming Egmont book, Looking Like Me, is going to be a hit, I predict.
wdm cm

Don’t overdo the confetti eggs!  Here are Starr LaTronica and Melanie Chang dealing with the result of one.

Do be as starry-eyed as you want after finally meeting someone you admire, have an extended conversation about reading aloud, and then go off to sit at his publisher’s table to see him get his Newbery Medal.
Don’t think you aren’t noticed when you slip back to the dais to twitter or something like that.
Do run around like everyone else taking photos for fun!
Here are Jenni, Kathi, and Ashley!

Don’t feel guilty for being unable to cover everything (partly because I’m a lousy photographer and my camera’s batteries were dead the first day).  It was just great to see friends, see new and forthcoming stuff, consider issues like translating (USBBY session on this was fantastic), blogging (the Booklist session on this was great too),  and just have a blast talking and talking and talking about what we all love so much — books.

Do go home tired, but happy.



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6 responses to “The Does and Don’ts of Conventioneering, ALA Edition

  1. Mike

    Sounds like sound advice to me!


  2. EM

    What wonderful pictures! I’m sorry we didn’t get more of a chance to chat this weekend, but it sounds like you had a terrific time!

    -Emily Mitchell


  3. Hi Monica,

    Fun post! And I love the picture, could you send it to me? And for the future, it’s “Jennifer Hubert Swan” But thanks for the link!


  4. Jen,

    I’m SO sorry! I’m dreadful spelling name. Also got somone else’s name wrong in a post this week.


  5. Jen,

    I’m SO sorry! I’m dreadful spelling names. Also got somone else’s name wrong in a post this week.


  6. Rachael V.

    Was walking behind you at one point and admiring your lovely shawl. I really need to get one.


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