The Pura Belpré Award Celebration with Yuyi Morales’ Special Treat

I had always heard that the Pura Belpré Award Celebration was wonderful so this year I went and, yes it was!  The room was festively decorated, the presentations and speeches were moving, and it ended with a completely delightful dance performance by a troupe of little girls.

The highlight of the afternoon for me was the vivacious and talented Yuyi Morales who received an honor for the writing and the medal for the illustration of her charming alphabet book, Just in Case.


At the end of her acceptance speech she presented the following video. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “The Pura Belpré Award Celebration with Yuyi Morales’ Special Treat

  1. brookeshelf

    How charming! I seem to remember seeing other videos featuring Sr. Calavera, but this one is just adorable. Love those hats!


  2. Maria Gentle

    Muchas gracias for putting this on the web so we all can enjoy it. Thank you for such a beautiful little Senor Calavera story.


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