A Trip to the Moon

No, not that one. This one.

Now I thrill as much as the next person of a certain age when I remember those real men walking on the moon 40 years ago, but since everyone else is posting great stuff about that I figured I’d go the oddball route instead.  So here are Georges Méliès’ gentlemen astronauts walking (and fighting and losing top hats and so forth)  on the moon 107 years ago.  107 years!

Brian Selznick made Méliès far more broadly known by featuring him in his Caldecott-winning The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Some of us have been fortunate enough to see Brian narrate the above movie — with great drama!  For more about Georges Méliès and his trip to the moon go to the page on Brian’s site here.



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5 responses to “A Trip to the Moon

  1. I spent the weekend reading Cosmic (thanks to your recommendation), and loved the odd jumps my brain had to make between the book and the 40-year celebrations on the news.

    I dearly loved Cosmic, too – it’s among the best books I’ve read this year. Thank you!


  2. That is so cool! Can’t wait till it comes out here (as I had to order my copy from the UK).


  3. I loved Brian Selznick’s book and the mystery that surrounds Méliès. It’s definitely a must-read for kids and adults alike!


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