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Rebecca Stead, Mary Ann Hoberman and Joanne Dahme reviewed in this Sunday’s NY Times

For kids who are ahead of the game and have finished their Harry Potters, Hobbits and other classics of summer reading lists, here are three recent novels they could polish off for fun before school begins: suspense with a bit of the supernatural; a friendship story set during the Great Depression; and a historical novel involving mistaken identity and swordplay. Call it the pleasure reading list.

Check out these reviews of Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me (by yours truly), Mary Ann Hoberman’s Strawberry Hill and Joanne Dahme’s The Plague in this Sunday’s New York Times and then head on over to their Paper Cuts blog for more on summer reading and comments responding to their questions: “What are you (or your kids) reading this summer? Do you love it or hate it?”


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