Hayley Mills, the Miley Cyrus of My Tweendom

It is all Roger Sutton‘s fault.

This morning I saw his tweet: “Re Little Princess: does anyone else love the Shirley Temple movie? Chick was INTENSE.”  After a second on youtube, I quickly found my favorite bit from the movie and tweeted back, “@HornBook Me. I loved Shirley as Sara Crewe. Remember “Old Kent Road“?

After indulging in a few additional pouty Shirley clips  I thought — what about Hayley Mills?  Now yes, her Parent Trap is on television often.   But what about some of her other movies?   Say, the one I would have watched over and over and over if I’d been able to, the 1963  “Summer Magic“?  Yep, there it is.  So here’s my favorite song from that movie, one that I still know by heart.  (Yes, it is impossibly lame, but Hannah Montana is bound to look equally lame forty-six years from now, right?)



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2 responses to “Hayley Mills, the Miley Cyrus of My Tweendom

  1. Love Hayley Mills, even that stupid Parent Trap II. I always wanted to make cookies the way the girls did in that movie.

    For sentimental reasons, Pollyanna is my favorite.


  2. dogearedandwellread

    I love Summer Magic! I bought it on DVD several years ago and watch it every couple months. It’s like comfort food.


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