Neil Gaiman’s Library


No, that is not my school’s lovely library, and it certainly isn’t mine. It is  @neilhimself‘s “downstairs library.”  I only wonder what the upstairs library looks like!  More here.


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3 responses to “Neil Gaiman’s Library

  1. That is pretty awesome. My grandfather’s library, which was in Horace Greeley’s one-time barn in Chappaqua, NY, was quite inspiring to me as a child. It was huge, and in addition to four walls of books there was enough room for a grand piano, a bearskin rug, and a desk made from a barn door. However, I was not allowed to glide about on the moving staircase – after caught doing it once.


  2. My goodness, your grandfather’s library sounds amazing! I’ve a friend with a library along these lines that is also pretty spectacular. However, I figure with such a library you need a librarian or at least someone to maintain it. I find it hard enough to manage my small apartment collection of books and bookshelves (everywhere but the bathroom).


  3. david e

    books in the chair, and all that floor space. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve replicated that “look” in my own house. books deserve space in a chair, not relegated to the floor!


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