That Potter Park

Three rides will form the center of the new park. Universal still will not talk much about the biggest one, a high-tech experience inside the castle called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey that involves the likenesses of the heroes from the films.

Flight of the Hippogriff is described as a family coaster that simulates a Hippogriff (the half-horse, half-eagle beast from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”) training flight over Hogwarts castle. Dragon Challenge is a twin high-speed coaster that will feature elements from the Triwizard Tournament.

Interactive shopping is a major component, said Paul Daurio, show producer for the park. For instance, the Ollivanders wand shop will replicate Ms. Rowling’s story line: the wand chooses the wizard instead of the other way around. Other stores will offer Potter merchandise that is unavailable elsewhere, like extendable ears.

The castle itself will be about 150-feet tall but will appear to tower some 600 feet in the air because of architectural and filmmaking tricks, Mr. Daurio said. Over all, the park will resemble Hogsmeade, Ms. Rowling’s all-wizard village.

From this New York Times article on the coming Harry Potter theme park.  Or go to this NPR piece.  And for a bit of fun, go to the park’s  website.


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6 responses to “That Potter Park

  1. I can’t believe they’ve turned the Harry Potter books into a theme park!!! The commercialization boggles the mind. Oh, and I can’t wait to go see it.


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  3. I don’t think I’m ready for interactive shopping. Although now I’m imagining a book store in which the books picked you…and wondering if I’d like that.


  4. I am SO going next year!!!

    Maybe we should have a book bloggers meetup… ;-)


  5. I’m with Lisa, horrified and I want to go badly! As for the merch— if a wand picks me I may just have to buy it. Books, no — I definitely have to do the picking. A meetup — isn’t this Orlando? Tons of conventions there!


  6. Here’s a really cool Harry Potter store in Santa Monica, CA. It’s where my son gets his handmade wands . . .


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