From this week’s Publisher’s Weekly:

Karen Lotz at Candlewick Press has acquired world rights to Monica Edinger‘s Africa Is My Home. The book, 10 years in the making, is a fictional rendering of Amistad captive Sarah Margru Kinson’s journey from Africa to America and back, told in scrapbook format. Edinger, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone, is now a teacher at the Dalton School in New York City, and writes the Educating Alice blog. Stephen Barbara at Foundry Literary + Media was the agent.


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49 responses to “Yippee!!!

  1. Oh Monica, this is FABULOUS news! Congratulations!!!

  2. That is just too cool. Congratulations!

  3. the best the best the best news! yay! Karen is also the best!

  4. oh, yippee indeed! Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Alexandra Korry

    Great News! Kudos!

  6. How exciting! Thank you for sharing your good news.

  7. kt horning

    Congratulations! I like it when nice things happen to nice people.

  8. Yay, Monica! This is great news!

  9. Congratulations! I will be excited to see it. I keep an Amistad scupture replica from New Haven on my desk, given to me by the Public Library there….

  10. Scope Notes


  11. Nancy Werlin

    Wonderful news. Hooray for you!

  12. Linda Covella

    I saw Susan Taylor Brown’s post on FB. Congratulations!!

  13. Tanya Lee Stone

    Wow, Monica, how fantastic!

  14. karen kosko

    Great news–well deserved!

  15. delzey

    oh, now, that totally rocks! i don’t know how i missed this before, so belated congrats!

  16. Junko

    Exciting news! Congratulations . . .

  17. Thank you, everyone! This came about very suddenly and it is still sinking in that, after so many years working on the project, it is not only going to be, but be just as I envisioned it.

  18. Oh Congratulations!! I just saw this on Publishers Marketplace and popped over to see if you had blogged about it. I’m always happy about book sales but particularly so when the writer is also a fellow teacher. Your book sounds wonderful, and like a perfect fit for Candlewick. Congratulations again! I can’t wait to read it!

  19. Congratulations! Great news!

  20. Ohhh, congratulations!!!

  21. Monica, this is very exciting news!

    I’m trying to remember when you first shared with me your idea for the book, but I’ve been watching for it ever since. I remember some years back your sharing about a visit to the Tulane Library to start your research. And I know I checked on your progress two summers ago when in NYC – So how wonderful to see your vision transform to reality!

    If you’re coming to NCTE, I’m holding out for a signed copy:-).

  22. Congratulations, Monica! What a great topic.

  23. brookeshelf

    It sounds like it will be gorgeous! Can’t Wait!

  24. Congratulations! That’s fantastic! Doing a Happy Dance for you!

  25. Congratulations! You’re an inspiration!

  26. birdseyemaple

    Congratulations! Great to hear it promises to be just as you envisioned it.

  27. Wow, that’s great. I can’t wait to read it. As both a children’s/y.a. writer, AND a historian of Africa, I’ll be super-excited to see it hit the bookshelves.

  28. shelfelf

    All the best Monica! I will be reading it for sure. Celebrate!

  29. hope

    Yippee, indeed! I look forward to seeing it on the shelf!

  30. That’s wonderful! Congratulations! I am just repeating everyone here, but it bears repeating, and I do look forward to reading the book.

  31. So happy for you and for my non-fiction section. It sounds like a story that hasn’t been written for young readers as of yet.

  32. Monica, when will Africa Is My Home be available for purchase?

  33. Hi Gail,

    Not for a few years, I’m afraid! It is going to be like the Ology books so the design is very complicated. They are just starting to decide how to do it, select an illustrator (who then needs a year to do it), etc.

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