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92nd Street Y Children’s Reading Series

The venerable 92nd Street Y here in NYC (near by school , it so happens) has the Unterberg Poetry Center which is full of all sorts of intriguing programs. This year they’ve started a new Children’s Reading Series on Saturdays featuring, “classic literature for children, read by actors and writers.” First up is Rosemary Harris this Saturday reading from the fairy tales of Oscar Wilde.  In December you can hear and see Lois Lowry, and in March they’ve got The World of E. B. White: An Afternoon with Roger Angell.  Pretty impressive, I’d say!

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Not Your Grandmother’s Alice

“Last time a girl called Alice came through here from your world she brought down a whole pack of cards.”

Nope, those aren’t Lewis Carroll’s words nor are they from the forthcoming Tim Burton film.  You see there is yet another Alice headed our way, this one coming to the Syfy channel in December.  It is from the same folks who did Tin Man, a very urban fantasy-ish version of Baum’s story. This Alice features Tim Curry as the Hatter, Kathy Bates as the Queen of Hearts,  and Harry Dean Stanton as the Caterpillar.  Unsurprisingly, the director Nick Willing called it a, “much racier, tougher, sexier” version.  Here’s the promo trailer:

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