The Exquisite Corpse Adventure has Begun

The Library of Congress’s Center for the Book and the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance have joined forces to create a very entertaining online serial story — The Exquisite Corpse Adventure.

It is that old game — having one person start a story, fold over the paper, and then give it to the next person to continue. At the end the paper is unfolded and the whole, usually hilarious story, is read in its entirety.  In this case, the participating writers and illustrators are a very impressive bunch.  There’s M.T. Anderson, Natalie Babbitt, Calef Brown, Susan Cooper, Kate Di Camillo, Timothy Basil Ering, Nikki Grimes, Shannon Hale, Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket, Steven Kellogg, Gregory Maguire, Megan McDonald, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack, Linda Sue Park, Katherine Paterson, James Ransome, Jon Scieszka, and Chris Van Dusen.  Wow,  right?

Do go and check out Jon Scieszka and Chris Van Dusen’s first episode here.  For resources and more check out the NCBLA’s dedicated site here.



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4 responses to “The Exquisite Corpse Adventure has Begun

  1. I’m sure if I were to read all the links you so helpfully provided I would get my answer, but it is easier to just ask you.

    Will this be published in book form eventually?


  2. I don’t see anything that suggests it will be. I think the fun is in how each writes their own episode and how they work together. At least, that is how the game works.


  3. “But I want something tangible to hold on to once it’s all over,” she whined into the wind.


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