Books and Movies, Movies and Books

Last week one of my students brought in a cartoon version of The Trumpet of the Swan and I tried, really tried, to watch it yesterday, but was so put off by the opening number (yes, you read that right, opening musical number) that I didn’t make it to the end.  And so as much as admirers of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things are fretting (I’m among them) as to what the new movie will be like, I have to say it has gotta to be better than this.  All of which makes me really appreciate Ty Burr’s look at movie adaptations of children’s books in today’s Boston Globe.  (Thanks to Julius Lester for posting this on child_lit.)



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4 responses to “Books and Movies, Movies and Books

  1. I watched sixteen seconds, noticed that my soul was slowly dying by inches, and quickly closed the window.


  2. nounisadjective

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and already it’s been quite thought-provoking. Do you know of (or have you initiated?) any discussion about television adaptations of children’s books? I grew up watching PBS exclusively, which meant shows like “Long Ago and Far Away,” “Reading Rainbow,” and BBC versions of all kinds of classic children’s literature; the “Chronicles of Narnia” are an obvious example. My parents recorded several of those shows and I watched them many times over. In my mind, they were movies, equally captivating as anything we went to see on the big screen. Plus, they were devoid of the commercialism so prevalent in true box-office hits.

    Maybe it’s just me, but those films seemed somehow more genuine in their efforts to introduce children to literature and not just entertainment. What’s your take?


  3. Welcome! While I’ve run across discussions of some of these adaptations, I can’t recall any that focused particular on experiences like yours. I suspect you would find them if you looked long enough though!

    As for intent, certainly Reading Rainbow had a particular one of introducing books to young readers. I’m guessing the others did too.


  4. this is like my all time favourite book when i was a little kid. glad that it has been made into a movie! i even have a fanpage for where the wild things are!


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