Harriet the Blogger

Harriet will be updated in many ways for today’s youth, particularly portraying her character as “blogger” and establishing a high school age setting rather than the 11-year old in Fitzhugh’s book.

That’s from this article about a new Harriet the Spy movie in the works.  Now I have to say I wasn’t wild about the last film version, well-intentioned though it was.  And I sort of like the idea of a blogging Harriet, but setting it in a high school has me fearing a Disneyized-Gossip Girl wannabee.  Hope I’m wrong.

(Thanks to Kidsmomo for the heads-up. )



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2 responses to “Harriet the Blogger

  1. Janet Brandy

    I. Don’t. Think. So.

    Is Disney also doing the new Beezus and Ramona movie? That would explain why Selena Gomez was cast as Beezus. (She seems too old for the part.)


  2. I read this and was sad. Maybe I am too nostalgic, but Harriet is sure to be all glammed up. sigh.


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