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A Few Things

Will Self on Roald Dahl and the new Fantastic Mr. Fox film.

“Eoin Colfer has achieved the best post-mortem impersonation I have ever read,” writes Mark Lawson in his review of And Another Thing.

Where the Wild Things Are and Eleven Other Controversy Causing Kids’ Movies.

The Reading Life: What Makes a Children’s Classic.


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In the Classroom: David Macaulay and Our Year of the Sketchbook


Those are my 4th graders sketching during an assembly with David Macaulay yesterday. Yeah, that David Macaulay.  And, yeah, I’d be jealous too.  That is, of a school that had him coming once a month for the whole year as a visiting artist.  You see, we’ve this terrific program called Original Mind where, well, original thinkers come and work with us in all sorts of ways all year long.  David is the third, following Sarah Sze and Natasha Trethewey.

He’s doing all sorts of things, but for me one of the coolest is that he is getting us sketching.  We’ve all got sketchbooks and are using them in so many different ways; check out this great blog to see some of them.  It is still early in the school year and so I’m still considering all sorts of ideas of how to use them in my classroom, but the kids are already loving them.    You can see their beautiful covers and a few of the sketches they’ve done  here. More, much more to come.


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Big and Friendly or Big and Scary?

Children, even young children are different. Some, even young children, like the scary and frightening, others do not. At a preliminary screening of Jurassic Park I saw some children, boys and girls, preschoolers to early secondary having a grand time. Others, both boys and girls and across the same age range were crouching in their seats, hiding their eyes.

David Elkind and other experts weigh in on scary movies for kids.

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