What Kids Think About the “Where the Wild Things Are” Movie

I started a book bloggers club this year partly so that kids who had blogs with me in 4th grade could continue with them in later grades and those from other classes who wanted to start blogs could.  Currently it is a lovely, if small cohort of 6th grade girls. Curious about what they’d think,  I took them to see “Where the Wild Things Are” last week.  Check out their very insightful reviews:


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5 responses to “What Kids Think About the “Where the Wild Things Are” Movie

  1. Hi,

    Just followed the link from Marc A. blog to “My travels with Alice”
    Terrific! It must have been a great presentation to listen to. And I wish more teachers shared your wisdom. Your students are very lucky.


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  4. It’s good to hear a kid’s take on the movie. I took both my kids to this movie, and they 1) didn’t get it and 2) thought it was too scary or too sad. Some of the language is very harsh. My son begged me to leave before the movie was out and my daughter only wanted to stay bc she likes to pick on her brother.

    I think too we have to be mindful when we introduce kids to the Internet–and especially concerned for their safety. Kids don’t think like adults, their judgment and reasoning is very different. I understand the educational intentions but keep in mind you are opening a door for them…and we have to watch very closely what our kids are doing, and to teach them safety bc they can get on a computer when we are not around. And they can make friends with the wrong person very easily.

    I take this very seriously bc I went online when I was younger and thought I was cool and everything was ok…I had to learn alot of hard lessons, and wouldnt want that for any one else’s chiild. The Internet can be a good tool for kids to learn and experience new things but with it cimes alot of responsibility.

    Thanks for posting, EJ Perth


  5. Terrific movie reviews by your students. I couldn’t have said it better myself. We watched the movie as an extended family–4 adults, one teenager, an 8-year-old & a 12-year-old. None of us liked it.


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