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Looking Good!


Today’s New York City Marathon (which I ran a few times long, long ago) brings out many spectators kindly lying to exhausted runners that they are “looking good!”.  But I have to say that I feel I do look good today — on the cover of the latest School Library Journal.

As Mr. Monk would say, here’s what happened.  A few weeks ago I got an email from Betsy Bird of Fuse#8 asking me if I wanted to be on the cover of School Library Journal.  Rather! I answered and was soon deep in conversation with Betsy and my fellow cover girls about what was really important — our attire. Exactly why we were on the cover was a little vague to me; I gathered Betsy had done an article about blogs in which we were mentioned, but that was all I knew.

So today the new issue is online and I get to see the article in question (not to mention that cover and an interior shot of a gaggle of girl bloggers with attitude), “This Blog’s for You: Ten of the Best Blogs for Folks Who Take Kids’ Lit Seriously (but Not Too Seriously).”  The ten blogs are actually an addendum to the article which is a very thoughtful review of the state of our teeny tiny corner of the blogging universe.  Nice work, Ms. Fuse!



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