Looking Good!


Today’s New York City Marathon (which I ran a few times long, long ago) brings out many spectators kindly lying to exhausted runners that they are “looking good!”.  But I have to say that I feel I do look good today — on the cover of the latest School Library Journal.

As Mr. Monk would say, here’s what happened.  A few weeks ago I got an email from Betsy Bird of Fuse#8 asking me if I wanted to be on the cover of School Library Journal.  Rather! I answered and was soon deep in conversation with Betsy and my fellow cover girls about what was really important — our attire. Exactly why we were on the cover was a little vague to me; I gathered Betsy had done an article about blogs in which we were mentioned, but that was all I knew.

So today the new issue is online and I get to see the article in question (not to mention that cover and an interior shot of a gaggle of girl bloggers with attitude), “This Blog’s for You: Ten of the Best Blogs for Folks Who Take Kids’ Lit Seriously (but Not Too Seriously).”  The ten blogs are actually an addendum to the article which is a very thoughtful review of the state of our teeny tiny corner of the blogging universe.  Nice work, Ms. Fuse!



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4 responses to “Looking Good!

  1. Looking good Monica! Yay for celebrating amazing blogs and bloggers of the kidlitosphere.


  2. Monica, congrats on the Top 10 honor! Very nice.


  3. Oh my, I can’t wait to get my hardcopy. Will autographs be following soon?


  4. It’s only a short matter of time before Kids’ Lit blogs take over the world.


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