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Oh, that Corpse!

If you aren’t following The Exquisite Corpse Adventure I recommend you do so pronto.  Just to recap, it is based on the game where one person writes a bit of a story and then passes it on to the next person to continue.  In this case the highfalutin people doing the writing and illustrating are having a complete blast with this wild and wooly game.  You may think of some of them only in terms of dark and serious writing, but you would be wrong, wrong, wrong.  Sure, we expect zany behavior from our Ambassador, but did you know that Katherine Paterson, Susan Cooper, and Kate DiCamillo are equal if not able to top him?  Episode 4 has just gone up and I can only say that Nancy and Joe (like those names?) are intrepid, brave, plucky, and that clown is s-c-a-r-y.


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