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Andy Warhol, Children’s Illustrator


253. WARHOL, Andy (1928 – 1987) Best in Children’s Books Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1957-1959. Small 8vo. Volumes 5, 15, 27 and 33. Condition: dust jackets lightly worn with some minor chips.
Early in his career, the Pop Art icon Andy Warhol illustrated several volumes of the popular series Best in Children’s Books issued by the Doubleday Book Club between 1957 and 1961. But these light, childlike pictures are generally unknown to admirers of his famous pictures of Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe. (4)

est. $500 – $600

While I knew Warhol had done commercial work (his shoes are fantastic) I don’t think I knew he’d done anything related to children’s books. So how fun to find this tidbit at that previously mentioned truly phenomenal auction.



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NCTE: Old Books — New Journeys

The theme of the conference, “Once and Future Classics: Reading Between the Lines,” is designed to inspire courageous conversations about traditional and contemporary literature and foster lively discussions of how we teach as well as what we teach.

from Program Chair Carol Jago’s NCTE Convention Welcome

A big fan of classical literature in the classroom (I’ve even written a book about it), I was delighted when this was announced as the convention theme and can’t wait to see what will be said on this topic.  And if you are interested in what I have to say, come by next Saturday (2:45 -4:00 Marriott/Franklin 12 4th floor) as I’ll be presenting along with one of my terrific 4th grade colleagues Lesley Younge and Waller Hastings of Rutgers University about some old books.  Here’s a preview to whet your appetites.

  • I will be focusing on my favorites: Charlotte’s Web, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz. Among other things I’ll talk about close reading with kids, Charlotte’s Wikipedia, Alice in Comic Land, and debating Oz.
  • Lesley will focus on how she connects old stories with our grade-wide study of immigration.  In particular she will talk about some fabulous work she is doing with Brer Rabbit and journeys her students take into Narnia, Wonderland, and Oz.
  • Waller will wrap things up with a look at the historical context of these books.

We are planning on a good time and hope some of you join us.


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